the pictures in the slide show are from Chelle Calbert and Skyhurst Photography, Dalton Wisconsin.

New Home of the Mini St. Bernard


This is a special hybrid we have developed that looks like a Mini St. Bernard. However, they have absolutely no St. Bernard in them. They are usually black, brown, and white and shed very little if any. You will find that their coat is rough until they are groomed the first time. This good natured family pet is good with children and will mature at about 20 lbs.

Your unique Mini St. Bernard will stop traffic in your neighborhood. The neighbors will stop you on the sidewalk to ask, “What kind of puppy is it?” and “Where did you ever find such a beautiful dog?”

One thing you should make sure of when you get a Mini St. Bernard is, make sure it has papers from "American Pet Registry International".

Home of the Mini St. Bernard